Photo by amelia martinez

Photo by amelia martinez

Pat Berry

Essay coach

Hello, and welcome to my website. Using my proprietary, multistep, and time-tested process, I coach each student from a blank screen or sheet of paper to an advanced draft of an essay that reflects their unique voice, passions, and personal outlook on the world. I offer private essay coaching locally—in the New York City and Northern New Jersey areas—and remotely, to college and graduate school applicants around the U.S. and overseas. Please be in touch to discuss how I can help you or your student.


Pat helped me in ways that my school counselors just couldn’t. Working with her made me [see] the experience of writing college essays [as] a time for personal reflection and growth as a writer. With her coaching and advice, I transformed dry, uninspiring paragraphs into sincere personal essays that got me admitted to three Top-20 schools. In the process, I’m happy to say I made a great friend.
— Alex, Rice University, Class of 2018

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We live in Florida, [and] Pat worked with my daughter on all of her college essays. They did their sessions via phone and Google Docs. Working long distance made no difference. The experience was amazing.
— Mom of a University of Central Florida '20